Wherever you go,

You take your brain with you!

Just because you are sipping coconuts on a beach, it doesn't mean you automatically get to savor in tranquility. You still have your same brain. You are you, Just on a beach. 

If you have trouble disconnecting from drama, experience anxiety, frustration, dive into unworthiness, it will find you, no matter how beautiful the beach. If you struggle with keeping your frustration with your kids and/or spouse in check at home, it will still come up on vacation. If you struggle with thinking things need to be a “certain way” at work, guess what? Those thoughts are going to follow you!

How many times have you:​

Gone on vacation you planned for months and been disappointed?

Had the same drama in the fancy resort as you do at home?

Sat in lines at amusement parks and felt the same frustration you feel on your morning commute? 

Missed out on family time because everyone was fighting?

Not been able to relax and "enjoy the moment"

If you want the absolute most amazing trips, it is less where you go and more about what is in your head.

How? Travel is about creating feelings and feelings come from thoughts.

Successful travel isn't about what you see, the places you stay, even who you are with.

It is about how you feel. That is what we tell friends and post on instagram. Our feelings of joy, excitement, freedom, wonder…

That is what we seek when we travel, new experiences that we hope bring feelings we want.

What causes feelings? Our thoughts!

Our thoughts create feelings. So if you want to experience amazing, then you also have to make sure you manage your mind to stay in the moment and not stuck in its usual loops of life and drama. This is the Travel Mindset.

Bonus! ​Travel is WAY LESS stressful! You can let go of the “perfect vacation” of the need for “smooth travel.” 

Flight delays, lost bags, bad weather, does not mean the vacation is ruined. When you have a Travel Mindset, you can always find ways of enjoying every moment of your trip. 

Creating your Travel Mindset is the best travel insurance EVER!

What are you waiting for? Download the FREE Travel Mindset Guide and create your Travel Mindset today!